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InterSystems Corporation is a software company of exceptional quality with offices in 22 countries and corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They provide the premier platform for connected healthcare, and their innovative products are widely used in other industries that demand the highest software performance and reliability. Clients include TD Ameritrade, British Telecom, U.S. Army, Cleveland Clinic, Deutsche Bank, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Prudential Insurance Company, Volvo, and thousands of other successful organizations. Leading software vendors also leverage the high performance and reliability of InterSystems” advanced technology in their own products. These organizations include Epic Systems, Fiserv, GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical, and hundreds of others.

Intersystems products portfolio include the Ensemble integration platform, the HealthShare informatics platform, and the TrakCare healthcare information system. All of these products share a common core – Caché. Unlike relational databases that rigidly organize data in tables, Caché is  a multidimensional database that could handle all formats of structured and unstructured data – a valuable breakthrough.

Case Studies

Cache Key Features

Openness and Flexibility

are the hallmarks of Caché’s application development features. Caché provides a powerful easy-to-use IDE for the rapid development of mobile and web applications, but with support for a variety of programming languages, it also gives you the option of using your favorite development tool.

New Life for Old Applications

Caché makes it easy to modernize older MultiValue applications through browser interfaces, object access, robust SQL, and Web services. MultiValue applications can now live on an advanced database that is well accepted in demanding environments and constantly evolving.

Build New Applications Fast

Because MultiValue is implemented as a language and file access in Caché, all of the native Caché capabilities can be used to rapidly build new functionality. MultiValue programmers can begin to take advantage of object programming and easily interact with other applications.

High-Performance and Scalability with Outstanding Reliability for MultiValue Users

Caché provides dramatically higher performance and scalability for MultiValue users. Caché provides sophisticated journaling, transaction processing, “bullet-proof database”, and fault-tolerant configurations. Caché- based applications have been shown to run SQL up to five times faster than applications based on relational technology

More Options for Future Development

Once migration is complete, you can continue to enhance your applications using the full array of Caché capabilities, including InterSystems Zen technology, object-oriented development, iKnow technology, and more.

Enhanced Scalability, Security, and Resiliency

Caché-based applications can take advantage of capabilities such as Enterprise Cache Protocol (ECP), the Caché security model, and mirroring

Rapid Application Development

Development of complex database applications with Caché ObjectScript is radically faster than any other major language – often 10 to 100 percent faster.

Faster and More Scalable

The Caché Virtual Machine with its direct access to the database provides faster applications that can scale to tens of thousands of users using low-cost hardware.

Partner and Implementer

International Online is the official distributor of Intersystems products in Greece and Cyprus, besides an extended professional relationship across all country subsidiaries.

TrakCare™ software is a Web-based, patient-centric healthcare information system used by leading healthcare organizations around the world. It is comprised of a comprehensive portfolio of application modules, including patient administration, clinical, departmental, and community solutions. Any of these modules may be quickly implemented to solve immediate, pressing problems, or modules can be adopted as an integrated portfolio to serve more expansive needs.