Mobile Health Record

Technology under the scope of Healthcare

The ever growing use of technology in the field of healthcare delivery could not leave the development of new software applications unaffected. The latter, would need to be accessible from anywhere around the world via the internet, from notebooks, tablets, and/or smartphones.

This technological advance has lead all healthcare organisations into a continuous pursuit of new IT solutions, mainly due to the strong competition for better services. Furthermore, it has set a precedent for the integration of new, bi-directional , healthcare platforms with existing legacy systems, thus opening a whole new chapter in the field of healthcare IT. A chapter that nullifies boundaries, limitations and technical obstacles that have existed until today.

There are different means by which a mobile application can be used for monitoring patients, with each one depending on a physician’s needs and requirements. The IOL Mobile Health Record application offers the physician with the ability to monitor, irrespective of place and time, the following clinical information:


Medical Directions

Medical Directive


Download Photo

Get recorded message

Converting Writing to a voice command

Key Features

Imaging Results


Vital Signs


Current Clinical Status

Medical History


Laboratory Test Results

The application can be downloaded through the web, from Apple Store and Play Store



The IOL Mobile Health Record application for smartphones can offer exclusive, added-value services to your organisation. Services which at the same time utilise a unique feature of such devices.

By entering a special username and password, every doctor has secure access to medical records from anywhere and at anytime. This allows him/her to view patient test results, demographics, examinations in a flexible and safe manner.

Furthermore, the application offers the capability to enter orders and medications.


Access to patient clinical data from anywhere and anytime through the use of a smartphone

A working application even without internet connection

Latest patient data smartphone view

Patient phone call

Patient new test results alert

Multilingual versions

Take back control

Your ability to practice is no longer restricted to the office. Go mobile with telemedicine calls and after hours consultations.

Grow your practice

Provide a wider range of services to Patients looking to connect directly with their Care Provider.

Deliver better care

Deeper insights into your patients’ health profile, notes & history provide richer information that enables you to deliver better care.