Big Data

InterSystems Caché® is an advanced database management system and rapid application development environment. With Caché, you’ll make breakthroughs in processing and analyzing complex Big Data, and developing Web and mobile applications. Caché uniquely offers lightning-fast performance, massive scalability, and robust reliability – with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.

This is a new generation of database technology that provides multiple modes of data access. Data is only described once in a single integrated data dictionary and is instantly available using object access, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional access – all of which can simultaneously access the same data.

Big Data solutions typically need to handle very high volumes of data at very high velocity. Our data platform gives you performance and scalability to spare.

  • Built for speed
    Our advanced technology enables rapid data insertion, ingesting huge volumes of data at insanely high velocity. And, because of our platform’s unique architecture, performance doesn’t degrade as data volumes scale up.
  • Built for scalability
    Our platform’s lean design lets it scale – very economically – to extremely large core counts and tens of thousands of users. So when one of the world’s largest equity trading systems needed to process 1 billion transactions in a day, our platform handled it. Without missing a beat.

Plus, we believe that big, complex systems don’t need a big, complex platform – just the opposite. Our technology delivers power though simplicity, with straightforward code pathways, so applications are more reliable, more available, and easier to manage.

Big Data is typically generated at a variety sources, and comes in a dizzying variety of formats. The interoperability capabilities and “multi-modal” nature of our data platform enable you to access and gain insights from ALL your data – structured and unstructured, SQL and NoSQL, centralized and distributed.

  • Built for data variety
    In addition to enabling analysis of any format of structured data you want to name (relational tables, objects, key-value pairs, flat files, etc.) we uniquely provide semantic analysis technology that does not require the up-front creation and maintenance of a cumbersome dictionary or ontology.
  • Built for connectivity
    Our strategic interoperability capabilities enable you to connect to any kind of data store, or pull data from any kind of application. For example, do you need to connect to every hospital, laboratory, clinic, and physician’s office within a region, state, or even country? People are doing that with our technology.

Plus, our ability to handle many different and complex types of data does not adversely affect our platform’s speed. There’s no mapping to get in the way of our lightning-fast performance.

Big Data solutions frequently lives in the cloud. Whether you use a public or private cloud, hosted, on-premise, or hybrid architecture, we let you make that a business choice, while we take care of provisioning and horizontal scaling.

Our Big Data platform, seamlessly unifies data management, connectivity, and analytics, and easily handles complex data – even unstructured data – in real time. With its lean, efficient design, it processes transactions at blinding speeds. It’s massively scalable, and it’s built for high availability and reliability.

Case Study


On December 19, 2013, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way. Because an enormous amount of data will need to be quickly stored and analyzed, ESA has selected Caché as the advanced database technology to support the scientific processing of the Gaia mission.