Logistics and Transport

Changing Transport Management Landscape

We build custom solutions to help you automate business processes of your logistic and transportation company and provide seamless door-to-door deliveries. Our tailored software works perfectly both for companies that operate in logistics, freight forwarding, courier delivery, postal services and for online stores and ecommerce.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a helpfull tool to make the best use of our freight and transport facilities. DayBookPro provides you a comprehensive set of tools to perform various daily, administration such as: search and view your orders, check their status, query invoices and get a large number of useful online reports which can be easily copied onto your Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Orders can be entered online and followed up step by step until completion and invoicing. Special provisions are made for Imports and Exports producing your paperwork automatically and monitoring latest delivery and collection times. Facilities also exist for streamlining your internal movement of consignements prior to an Export or an Import. Your back-office systems can be updated via EDI, e-mail, FTP or Web Services.

Go Mobile while on the Move!

An efficient mobile solution makes it a manageable task, to update, edit, and distribute transportation data to the right people real-time. While the solution enables the much desired mobility, it as well ensures cost-effectiveness and enhanced productivity, and providing a holistic solution for transport, tracking, delivery, and closure.

By having mobility, organizations are able to attend to the client requirements, schedule deliveries, and resolve issues without any time delay, creating stronger customer relationships and satisfaction. Providing an all-inclusive communication essential for optimal operations, the solution seamlessly interfaces with barcode scanners, GPS systems, RFID instruments and digital signatures.

Advantages of Logistics Technology

Optimizing business processes

 Prevent congestion. efficiently assigning resources.

Automate transport orders

Focus on value-added tasks.

Delight customers

Take advantage of historic performance data to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Gain end-to end visibility

Improve customer service levels.

Save time

Eliminate the time-consuming of gathering data from different sources and systems.

Eliminate waiting hours

keeping the cost of transportation to the minimal possible.

Freight costs savings

Optimised transport procurement.

Improve staff planning

Reduce demurrage costs.

Better decisions

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights that shorten reaction time and accelerate decision-making.

Warehouse Management Systems

Proper warehouse management solution enables your businesses to have the agility, comprehensive customer information, traceability, and mobility of operations. A seamless integration in successfully operating transportation and warehouse systems ensures all mission-critical activities are taken care of end-to-end.

Warehouse stock arrangement

real-time entry, storage, packing and shipment of items

Optimization of operators workflow

Warehouse and traffic management to decrease number of movements per order

Accuracy of inventory processes

Automatic dispatch of invoices

Delivering to distribution centers

Sorting, multiple picking, final distributing to areas of consumption
3D rendering of  a world map, packages a van, a truck and an airplane

Transportation Management Systems

In today’s global market, logistics – this complex operation demanding detailed coordination – ranks #1 as the most dynamically growing environment. Only companies able to quickly and efficiently adapt to constant change and provide their clients with instant, seamless and valuable shipment services survive. Some of the main key features are:

Determining transportation expenses

Providing cost-saving options and reducing freight costs

Live monitoring

of vehicle progress and controlling deliveries via GPS

Processing client requests

Improvement of request operation time, better customer service

Planning routes, scheduling stops

Optimizing cost-effective deliveries

Overall Benefits

Get instant performance reports

Instantly start measuring your performance.

Avoid Manual Work

A fully computerized life-cycle system for all your daily and administration tasks.

Manage freight rates, audit & pay

Centralise rate management. Automate freight audit & settlement. Improve cost control.

Plan & execute your transport orders

Enforce routing guides. Improve end-to-end tracking & visibility.

Reduce costs

Get full transparency of logistics processes and gain strategic, tactical and operational control to make your operation more cost-effective.

Manage your carrier network

Manage carrier documents Reduce risk & maintain capacity.


Connect and transform your business with seamless, standardised transport processes and end-to-end visibility.


If you’re looking to take advantage of automating your transportation and logistics operations and processes, our modular solution design and SaaS delivery are ideal.

Quick ROI

The flexible pay-as-you-go model means you can deploy our TMS solution at a pace that will not overload your logistics, operational or IT resources.