Changing Insurance Applications Landscape

IOL is a pioneer in the field of providing custom software development services to insurance providers for their business needs. Our team of experts have years of experience in developing solutions for the betterment of the mankind. Serving this sector with the best solutions is of paramount importance to our company.

Our solutions cover the following areas:

We not only build products, we work with our clients to provide them expert consulting services and tell them the need of the future! At the same time, we are completely driven by the objective of helping insurance institutions in achieving cost-efficiency and scalability.

The Insurance industry has been witnessing revolution for long. From traditional pen-paper based processes to automated systems like computers and now mobile and cloud- the change has been perennial to this sector. Be it brokerage houses, loan institutions, non-banks, credit unions or any other category of financial institution- all have gone through a wave of radical transformation. As organizations continue to tread upon the path of changing customer needs, evolving product requirements, changing regulatory landscape, ever growing competitors and rapid advancement of technology, Insurance organizations need to have best of breed technology solutions to adapt to the changing market dynamics.

As insurance organizations witness huge opportunities, they are leveraging technology to quickly take advantage and scale, while being profitable. This has led to the adoption of advanced tools and technology available in the market and helped institutions to provide fast, responsive service to their clients while offering more services, more communication and more value in less time.

Advantages of Insurance Technology

Tailored Insurance Application

With clear focus on the core aspects of policy/product management, process automation and workflow optimization, IOL evolves customized insurance applications that simplify versatile functions of an Insurance enterprise. Our experts delivering an advanced solutions for different insurance segments such as life Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Health Care Insurance, etc. addressing a specific business need. The key components of our Insurance software are:

Claim & Quote Modules

Content Management

Business Intelligence

Policy organization

Insurance Administration

Document Managing System

Report Generation

Accounting & Automation Module

Audit & monitoring tool

Seamless System Integration

IOL leverages 16 years industry experience in business application technologies to enhance operational proficiency, become more effective, and extend flexibility across industries and business process by offering end-to-end application integration. Seamlessly operate your organization process by integrating the primary applications, enabling the real time information exchange. Our solution experts integrates wide range of customer-oriented systems that synchronize entire procedure using essential modules and plug-ins to facilitate Insurance organizations to expand their client reach with streamlined workflow.

Modernizing Legacy Insurance systems

IOL incorporates pre-built and tailored components to extend the capabilities of existing insurance legacy applications ensuring smooth data migration. We offer insurance application modernization service to modernize legacy systems, enabling enhanced flexibility, reduce disruption, mitigate risk and reduced costs. Get one stop solution for all the issues of legacy insurance system such as various technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, obsolete systems, retiring employee knowledge, lack of web and integration capabilities. Our experts help you to optimize and modernize your legacy insurance systems in main functional areas, including:

Instant Quote Generation

Online submission of application

Process automation of documents

Policy purchase modules

Policy Renewal automation

Distribution Compensation modules

One stop solution to automate full insurance lifecycle


Increase customer loyalty

and retention through consistent customer experience across multiple channels


sensible risk management, regulatory compliance and balanced investments

Get more time to market

innovative products while streamlining core insurance operations

Experience a notifiable reduction

for loss-adjustment expenses with an integrated claims process

Increase business capacity

with instant quote generation and comparing functionality

Improves productivity

of your employees as being a collaborative platform for all stakeholders

Gain competitive advantage

as a high-tech and advanced insurance provider compared to competition

Have better capacity

to monitor compliance with insurance industry regulations