Our Company

International Online is an Athens based software development and deployment company with local and international exposure.

It was founded in year 2000. Throughout the years, International Online excelled in some very demanding areas of the IT industry. International Online, using WEB 2.0 technology since 2001, has developed custom business applications of large to very large complexity such as integrated Insurance, Transport and Travel systems.


In long partnership with leading international software companies such as TrakHealth Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia and Intersystems Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts, International Online has also excelled in the area of high quality Healthcare IT and Systems Integration.


After being established as a significant software vendor and implementer in the Greek private Hospital sector, during the Olympics of 2004 International Online gained international attention from the very successful implementation, customization and running of the health management software system used for the care of the 30.000 inhabitants of the Olympic Village. International Online received the compliments of IOC (International Olympic Committee) for the first ever paperless and filmless hospital administration system, crushing the normal implementation times for such a project from many months to a few weeks. International Online’s success received a lot of press publications in Europe and the US and made one of the BBC topics when London was awarded the 2012 Olympics.


Practically, for International Online, this success brought a number of international contracts in Europe, and the East. This was another opportunity for International Online to excel again displaying exceptional design and in-time implementation skills for complex projects where the local teams were facing delay penalties and implementation difficulties.

International Online, having been thoroughly successful in these projects gained even more recognition and is now considered between the most capable health systems implementers worldwide.

International Online true to its name, today, maintains supports and continuously enhances large and complex integrated systems in Greece, UK, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Cyprus for over 30 large institutions and hospitals, with response times below three minutes and resolution times below forty five minutes 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Big Data

We work in the next domains:

  • Enterprise solutions development

    We have proper skills and deep experience in developing enterprise solutions of various complexity levels.

  • Web development

    We develop web applications, portals and sites for corporate and Internet-based projects.

  • Custom Software Development

    We provide cost-effective custom software along with integration of latest technologies and creation of interactive mutlimedia environment across all chanels.

  • Mobile development

    Our software helps extend your customer service and marketing efforts to the most popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Windows Mobile and others.

  • Big Data

    Database is the heart of software applications. We have years of experience and expertise in big data architecture and development.

  • Content Management Services

    We use the best practises and data for an integrated strategic solution to content management.